Our democratic system cannot survive allowing big corporations to control government. We elect dirty rotten scoundrels who collude to betray us using corporate slanted media for emotional messaging.

    For example, everyone agrees with stopping gun violence. But March For Our Lives totally ignores the history of corporate greed causing it.

    The Hudson Bay Company controlled fur trade and caused war by seizing Native lands. To pay for that war, the British East India Company controlled colonial markets and charged taxes. The Revolution created a Constitution to end corporate exploitation.

    Then 1980’s trickle-down economics replaced New Deal economics that had imposed moral regulations on free markets. Trickle-down 1987 deregulations threw out equitable debate of different viewpoints that had been required in the media. Political discussion became divisive and extremist.

    Even while trickle-down economics was a version of Czarist Russian days, the 401(k)’s and other pension plans seemed fair. Complacent people bought into these Wall Street Ponzi schemes growing corporate power to influence elections and politicians and further unleash free markets. While working people hold investments dependent on holding their jobs, union-based laws protecting job rights have been destroyed. Tax laws allow wealth to migrate upwards to Corporate Oligarchs, just like Russia.

    In 2010, five activist Supreme Court Judges betrayed history and the Constitution with their decision in United Citizens v. FEC. They decided that corporations were the same as natural people with protected rights of free speech. Corporations can now peddle whatever loose version of the truth their money buys without public exposure.

    Besides politics, corporate capture of our democracy includes subliminal influence of our culture. News, action thriller movies and computer games have psychologically unsensitized people to killing. When terrorists and people with personality disorders only kill other people only little better off than themselves, is it subliminal that none of them are the scoundrels causing it?

    When the March For Our Lives activists campaign to stop gun violence, what will their votes actually do? With planned military parades demonstrating US power, is it only to threaten the rest of the world with our big corporate government? Will these activists also go after that corporate control destroying our democracy, or just the Second Amendment meant as the ultimate check and balance on this corporate exploitation?