Cheers to CYBA on their 25th annual basketball tournament and for bringing business to Crookston.

    The 25th annual CYBA tournament will be held this weekend March 23-25 bringing in over 114 teams. Crookston 3rd-8th graders, boys and girls, will be participating in the tournament. The action will start on Friday evening at 5 p.m. and will continue until early evening on Sunday. The locations for this weekends games will be at UMC Lysaker gyms, CHS, Highland, Cathedral, and new this year, the Crookston Sports Center.

    With 114 teams Crookston is going to be a very busy place for the next couple of days. Cheers to the Crookston Youth basketball Association on hosting their 25th annual youth basketball tournament and for bringing lots of business to Crookston’s hotels, restaurants, and all of our small town business’s.

    Get out and enjoy everything Crookston has to offer this weekend whether cheering on Crookston’s youth basketball teams playing all around town or enjoying the busy atmosphere around town.

    For brackets and locations go to and click on the Tournament Page.

– Ally Tiedemann, student writer

Jeers to people who insist on jeopardizing their health by not wearing helmets

    Why people refuse to wear a helmet when biking, snowmobiling, skiing, etc. is not only puzzling, but inexcusable. Such a massive problem possesses an incredibly simple solution. It does not matter how “good” or “careful” someone claims to be. A helmet is always necessary. Look at all the Olympians who were wearing helmets in all sorts of events this past month. They are the best in the world and they still protect themselves.

    Some people will argue that a helmet is not very stylish or does not look “cool.” That claim might even be more dense than the act itself. Another uncool or unstylish feature is brain damage and head injury.

    Others will protest blatant safety by announcing their perfect track record and never having an accident. While that is nice, a track record is only unblemished until it is not. If that sounded simple, so is wearing a helmet.

    If people insist on putting their health at risk, there is not much that can be done. But the least they can do is force their kids to wear helmets. But if a kid sees their parent being safe, chances are they will follow suit.

– Nolan Beilstein