Retired educator and current Crookston School Board member Dave Davidson writes that it was a teachable moment, and kids learned about being engaged citizens.

As a life-long educator, a parent, and as a person who has been intimately involved with Crookston Public Schools since 1973, I'd like to take this opportunity to voice support for the nationwide student walkout, that was held on March 14.  But, not for the reasons you might think.

I've always believed that "teachable moments" can be more important than curricula, tests, paperwork, etc, and that educators need to be able to recognize these moments, and that they need to be flexible enough to make time for them in their classrooms, or on the sidewalk as the case might be.  Not to impose a teacher held political agenda, but to allow for age appropriate discussion, discourse and debate.

Sadly, this was one of those moments.  It's not about a particular course or subject, it's about one of those things on everyone's agenda; citizenship.  In my opinion, students, our children, need to become engaged in their society, learn to have a voice, and learn appropriate methods of expression.  Who best to help them in this process than teachers, staff, administrators, and all of us in the community?

We may not all agree with the politics of the kids in Florida who survived this mass murder, the most recent of many, and who began this nationwide movement, but it seems to me that they tragically provided us all with a nationwide teachable moment.

On a personal and local note, from my view in the CHS parking lot, seventeen minutes for seventeen lives was conducted here in Crookston in an impressive and respectful show of solidarity.  Bravo to all involved.  Keep the discussion going, and remember that these young people are priceless, they're our future.