On February 22, the 4th graders from Highland took a field trip out to UMC to enhance their curriculum.  The four stations that we visited were phenomenal.  Everyone was more than willing to have our 4th graders join them for the day.  They were very accommodating for us.  The experience was very positive.  

    We (4th grade teachers) were very impressed with the work and the thought that went into making our trip great.  However, we started talking about the things we didn’t expect.  We had UMC teachers that were walking through the halls, stop and ask our group how we were doing.  They asked what we were doing, what we were learning, and if we were enjoying our visit.  One of the groups had college students that stopped what they were doing and escorted the group to their next station twice while another group was escorted by the Vice Chancellor to their destination.

    We were checked on many times and asked if we were in need of anything by buildings and grounds staff.  The students that presented the 3D lab did a great job assisting the kids. The UMC athletes that gave tours of the Wellness Center worked really hard to be sure everyone was included.  The football players went above and beyond to interact and play with all of the kids.  They were great role models for the 4th graders.  Several 4th graders made comments about going to UMC when they go to college as a result of this wonderful experience.  

    All of the Highland staff felt that UMC, as a whole, went out of their way when we were out there.  We were allowed to store our lunches in one of the classrooms while we were moving around to our stations.  It was great to have a homebase while spending the day there.  While we were in the classroom, we were checked on many times and asked if we were in need of anything.  Custodial staff assisted one of the classes that was headed outside to find a warmer route through a building.  That assistance was very appreciated with the day being so cold.

    We want to thank everyone at UMC for making such a great impression for our classes.  The hospitality was amazing all around.  There are so many great things happening on campus and we appreciated the chance to be a part of it for a day.  Thank you!!

    We would like to extend a special thank you to Sameer Abufarden, Brenda Bozyk, Brenda Chaplinski, Katy Johnson, Nathan Purrington, and Blake Smith for making great educational experiences for our students.