School should be a place to learn, not surf the web for seven periods, CHS Industrial Technology teacher writes.

Students at the Crookston High School are rampant on cellphones all day long. It’s like a disease for these kids and it is becoming extremely hard to stop.

Even with a policy in place to not use them during class times, students abuse it all the time. Cell phones not only impede learning, they disrupt the day and disrupt the teachers and disrupt other students. Are they necessary for these students to learn? Are they really missing a lot if they didn’t have them from 8:00 to 3:15 pm? Is Facebook, Snapchat, and Texting worth failing grades?

Parents in the community need to recognize that these devices can be lived without for that time frame. We need parents' support in this. Would your boss let be on your phone all day? I remember my parents calling the office and leaving a message for me, it was as simple as that.

If you do not believe me that every kid with a cell phone has a problem, come to the High School for one day and observe the scene. It is common practice at UMC to not allow them during class by all my current professors, some professors stop talking and wait until you notice that they have stopped talking.

I would like to see cellphones left at home or banned from use during school hours.  Maybe I’m by myself in this but I thought that schools were a place to learn…not surf the web for 7 periods.

Travis Oliver is an Industrial Technology teacher at Crookston High School.