Cheers to the Crookston Library’s Summer Reading Program success and Jeers to all booze and no food or hydration at WEFest

Cheers to the Crookston Library’s Summer Reading Program success

    The Crookston Library ended their 2016 Summer Reading Program Wednesday with an ‘Olympics Finale’ with games, prizes and fun. Club Kid participants, who filled up the library lawn, turned in their summer reading sheets and headed to the outdoors for some games with members of the C.A.L.L. Committee and library employees. Every child also left with a book.

    Tammy Thomasson Ehrhart said their reading and participant numbers are up this year and the “Read for the Win” summer reading program has been another success.

    This summer, kids got to participate in a sports clinic with University of Minnesota Crookston coaches and athletes, Minute to Win it style games, Silat martial arts, lawn games, Weird Chemistry with Don Carey and so much more. The finale ended with prizes for reading winners like a bike (two were donated by Hardware Hank and Friends of the Library) and a Kindle (donated by the Crookston Matron’s Club.)

    Cheers to the library for another successful year of their summer reading program. Keep up the good work!

                                                                           – Jess Bengtson

Jeers to all booze and no food or hydration at WEFest

    This coming weekend is one of the most popular weekends of the summer and definitely is Detroit Lakes’ most popular time of the year.

    Yes, it’s the country music festival known as WEFest. Most campers go down Tuesday or Wednesday to get the campsite they want and to get set up for a long weekend of music and fun. It's a weekend filled with limited bathing and hygiene, and if you do try to clean up, it's more than likely a 30 minute wait for the showers.

    But WEFest is also known for its continuous party. If it's 3 a.m. and you don't want to sleep yet, there will be people somewhere on the Soo Pass Ranch grounds with the music blasting and the beer pong table up. There's a lot of alcohol at WEFest and with the heat, some people don't know how to be safe and drink responsibly. When it’s close to 80 degrees and humid and you're sitting outside all day drinking alcoholic beverages, without hydrating with real H20 or Gatorade or something, you have a high risk of becoming dehydrated or even have an easier chance of alcohol poisoning. This is also possible when you aren't eating properly.   

     When you're having the time of your life and making all new friends, sometimes food and hydration get forgotten.   

     Please drink safely and be smart while at WEFest, or anywhere else there’s a party going on, for that matter.

                                                   – Lydia Stephens, summer intern