Minnesota Governor Tim Walz authorizes the National Guard to “fully activate” during a Saturday press conference. 

“The Minnesota National Guard is an organization of more than 13,000 Soldiers and Airmen,” said a press release by the National Guard. “A full activation authorizes the guard to activate all those that are medically fit, and not deployed to support the mission to quell civil unrest.  Initial estimates are that could include between 7000-10,000 Soldiers and Airmen.”

”That will include nearly 2,500 by tonight to support the Saturday evening missions,” they added. ”The remainder will muster and become available during coming days.”

"We are 'All-In'," stated Major General Jon Jensen, Minnesota Adjutant
General, "we are 'All-In' for the people of Minnesota."

“The Minnesota National Guard continues to maintain a presence in the Twin Cities in support of local civil authorities. Our citizen-soldiers and
airmen prepared to support missions throughout the Minneapolis, Saint Paul and its surrounding communities. The Minnesota National Guard is prepared to protect life, protect property and restore order.  This includes patrols, manning control points, and assisting firefighters in accomplishing their life saving mission by providing security.”

This represents the largest domestic deployment in the Minnesota's National Guard's 164-year history.