In the April 2020 Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. newsletter, CEO Jason Carlson highlights work being done, plans for reopening Head Start Centers, and recognizes staff and their gestures.

    We again find ourselves in a place this month where COVID-19 is the dominant topic. Unfortunately, it seems that will be our situation for some time.

    Work continues on our plans for reopening Head Start centers while we continue to provide other essential services that have not paused at all during the stay at home order. Staff can expect to hear from program leadership about coming changes along with a communication from me as we come to understand and are able to react to whatever Governor Walz announces next week in terms of changes to his stay at home order.

    In non-COVID related news, our 2019 Audit has been finalized and submitted to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse. For anyone that needs a copy, it has been put up on our website. Thank you to everyone involved in ensuring our good stewardship of grant funds and for those responsible for the audit process once again being a smooth one.

    I have mentioned several times over the last couple of months how proud I am to work with the staff at Tri-Valley. Sometime in the middle of March, when supplies like hand sanitizer were scarce and there was much uncertainty about when there would be more, two large containers of hand sanitizer showed up at our Administrative Office with a note that ‘Help Yourself’. I thought it was a very touching gesture and wondered how it would play out during a time of other businesses having to lock up supplies like sanitizer, toilet paper, etc. Folks have taken what they have needed and nothing more. Enough said.