It may not be the spring of their senior year, but younger CHS students are coping with surreal times, too

    On April 8, I wrote an article about my experience as a senior at Crookston High School dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In that article I asked other students at CHS to tell me how they have been handling it.

    Thanks to CHS English teacher Jennifer Solie, I received a ton of input from students. It was really great to hear about their experiences, and how they are doing. I have compiled some quotes from their submissions, which follow.

    I would like to thank all the students who reached out to me. I enjoyed reading about all the different things you’ve been doing and your thoughts on the situation.

Emilee Tate

    “A positive for me has definitely been seeing my grandma through the window at the villa and helping take care of my other grandma. I have not been able to see my one grandma in person for 3 months and it is very hard. For future generations I will definitely tell them not to take seeing friends, family, school, giving hugs, high fives, and just plain old life for granted. When it gets taken away from you, you realize how much the little things in life mean to you.”

Kailee Magsam

    “I never thought we would have to end school with online classes. Online class makes it very difficult to learn all that you are supposed to. It is very difficult to get things done to the right expectation. Being home away from friends is very hard. It gets very boring and school can get very stressful. I try my best to get things done right away.”

Libby Salentine

    “I think that I have spent a lot more time with my family during this pandemic. Even though they drive me crazy, the fun times trump the bad ones.”... “Now we all are forced to be together all day and I would say we have created a lot of good memories.”

Katelynn Schulz

    “In the beginning of all of this my hygiene was very bad and I finally have come to the realization I don't want to feel like this and have changed my habits. I started my first job working at Fleet Supply. I really enjoy being in the agriculture environment and with such patient people. I have also taken up the activity of skateboarding and painting on scrap wood.”

Kaylee Archambeau

    “I feel horrible about this. I hate being inside, and that's hard for someone with a very introverted personality to say. I just want to see all my friends, this quarantine is really getting to me. It's really getting harder everyday and I wish I could just go back to school.”

Carly Brown

    “I read, watch Netflix and babysit a lot in quarantine. I do a lot of stuff during quarantine, those three are what I do the most. I talk to my friends over Snapchat and FaceTime. I have started watching 3 new shows over the break.”

Lorelai Hebert

    “I will tell future kids about this. If they ask. Because it’s now a huge part of older generations history. Their families had to of gone through this time. Things I would say to them would be to stay safe. Always wash your hands before every meal and after you use the bathroom.”

Macy Fee

    “My current feeling is mixed. I miss my friends and miss school. My friends and I FaceTime everyday but it just isn't the same. On the other hand I do like sleeping in and being in control of when I do school. Online school is much more confusing than real school though. I wake up on Monday morning and I just have 25-ish new emails.”

Grace Fischer

    “This current situation of isolation is nothing any of us have expected. It is hard to stay inside and do nothing when usually this time of year so much would be happening. I would be in golf playing with some of my best friends.”

Thor Harbott

    “This time has been terrible for most and that's the way it will probably be remembered but it has also given some new goals and accomplishments. I feel that this will be used as a possible near death experience for most of the nation similar to when the bubonic plague happened and health and technology advanced because of it.”

Tatum Lubinski

    “Exercise is a staple in my current way of life, 6 days a week I have either shot hoops or exercised. I was also finally able to start hammering my backlog of books. I have found that it is hard to find a replacement for a good book.”

Jesse Sanchez

    “One of the many ways I occupy is playing video games. I also try to play Cod with the boys on Xbox. I also try to get all my homework done, and I have to do online Drivers Ed. now because we won't be able to get back in the classroom to do it. Another thing I do is workout, I made myself a workout schedule because I wanted to stay on track.”

Jackson Demarais

    “I have been going over to my grandparents house to use their treadmill and using my hockey net to shoot pucks at every once in a while, but other than that I haven’t done much.”

Omar Petithomme

    “It’s unfortunate not being able to hangout with friends but, it's nice that we're able to spend more time with family.”

Hunter Kresl

    “This experience has been different in many ways for all my family and it is kinda hard to stay at home all day and not be without seeing all my friends and I couldn't imagine being a senior in these times.”

George Widman

    “Something good that is coming out of this time we can learn from this. Let's say there is another pandemic like this we will always know how to handle it because for most of us we will never forget this time.  Social distancing,  it will be a way of life now social distancing will just be the new normal.”

Anonymous response

    “I’ve loved to draw since I was little but I was never very confident in my art since my sister and friends all drew too. I always thought that they were way better than me and that people weren't honest when I showed them what I drew, but recently I’ve been drawing a lot more and i’ve never been more confident.”