DCDP Board looks ahead

    The Downtown Crookston Development Partnership recently met via ZOOM to discuss a variety of topics, recap past projects and talk about new ideas and grant opportunities. Among the topics were downtown planter refurbishments and the addition of benches, summer lunch food trucks, downtown business survey, and the Crookston Area Community Fund grant.


    In place of their “Party on the Patio” events the DCDP held over the past two summers, they’ll be looking to host a variety of area food trucks over the lunch hours downtown. They’re hoping downtown employees will be encouraged to come out to order and food will only be “to-go” at this time.

    Tentatively scheduled are Erickson’s Smokehouse on May 27 and the Irishman’s Shanty grill-out on June 9 with the goal to have one food truck per week throughout the summer with other slots filled.

    Once the stay-at-home order expires and social distancing requirements become more relaxed, that may open the door for other event options and partnerships.


    The last time the DCDP met with the city, they discussed three topics: downtown benches, refurbishing downtown planters and a downtown ad campaign.

    The DCDP will be exploring options to update the current planters with maintenance-free decking material for the tops and freshen up the paint. DCDP member and Ward 3 City Council Member Clayton Briggs suggested a custom paint option for those who have adopted the planter and have consistently taken care of their planter.

    The group also agreed that a set of care guidelines for the adopted planters should be developed.

    Additionally, they’ll look to add benches around the downtown walking core and will be removing the vintage farm equipment from the corner space at Robert Street and Main.


    Ward 4 City Council Member Don Cavalier, who is also a DCDP member, and a committee put together a downtown business survey similar to the Ward 4 resident survey that was sent out and tabulated last fall. Cavalier said a good number of surveys have been collected and more have gone out, plus results will be put together soon.

    The group also talked about new vacancies, new businesses, and moves such as the addition of Santosha Yoga Studio in the former Joyful Heart Photography space. Joyful Heart moved into a north Broadway spot where the former North Country food shelf was occupied.


    One of the group’s new project ideas is to add custom lighting to the Robert Street bridge (near the Crookston Public Library) similar to those in other cities. DCDP’s newly-elected chair Shirley Iverson said there is an opportunity to apply for a Crookston Area Community Fund grant and the bridge lighting project might be a good contender.

    Briggs says the group will have to look into getting approval from the state and thought that being able to change the colors for different holidays, seasons and special events would be nice.