Both Pennington County Fair and Marshall County Fair boards announced Thursday that their fairs for 2020 are cancelled.

Pennington County Fair is held in Thief River Falls and was to be held July 15-19 and Marshall County Fair is held in Warren and was to be held July 22-26.

Here is the message from Pennington County:

"Due to the global pandemic and the health concerns with large crowds the 2020 Pennington County Fair is cancelled. With safety being the primary requirement to operate a successful fair, social distancing requirements, sterilization, and other safety precautions being recommended and/or enforced by the federal and state governments to combat COVID-19 it is not possible to successfully operate a county fair in this environment.

The cancellation of the 2020 Pennington County Fair (all fair related events) will also result in all activities being cancelled on the Pennington County Fairgrounds through 2020 or until further notice as the grounds will remain closed to the public.

The Pennington County Fair Association would like to thank our community and all our fairgoers for your continued support and growing success at our fair. We would also like to thank our board members, volunteers, vendors, 4-H, Todd Armstrong Shows, sponsors and fellow local county fairs for the hard work, guidance, and partnerships.

Please stay safe and healthy! We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Pennington County Fair!"

Kindest regards,
Pennington County Fair Association Executive officers
President, Curt Howe
Vice President, Mike Sorteberg
Vice President, Floyd Erickson
Secretary, Miranda Carlson
Treasurer, Ray Safranski

Here is the message from Marshall County:

"The 2020 Marshall County Fair is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At an emergency meeting of the Marshall County Fair Board held via zoom on May 6th, the Board unanimously voted to cancel the 2020 Marshall County Fair. While cancelling an event like this is not an easy thing to do, all parties involved agreed that it is by the far the right thing to do. Safety of all persons attending or working at the fair is most important. The current and ongoing needs and requirements for social distancing and sterilization make it impossible to have this kind of social event at this time in a safe environment.

The Board thanks all who helped in reaching this decision and especially carnival owners Todd and Lara Armstrong with their guidance on this matter. Thanks also to all fair supporters, vendors and attendees for everything you have ALL done just by being there with this and through all the years of our fair. The pandemic has caused us to lose our fair for 2020, but it certainly will never claim our spirit for believing that we will return next year to hold what we know will be another great event for all to enjoy.

So for now stay safe. Let’s make the 2021 Marshall County Fair one we will all remember - for the Good Times!"

Marshall County Fair Board