Board concludes that not much will have changed by the time the fair is to commence on July 8

    The summer of 2020 in Polk County took another big hit when the Polk County Fair Board of Directors early Wednesday announced that they have voted to cancel the 2020 Polk County Fair in Fertile. The board made the decision Tuesday evening during a meeting via Zoom.

    In their statement, the board stated that social distancing, wearing masks and needing to sterilize equipment and seating is simply too much to deal with had the fair gone on in early July as scheduled. “The question is how to conduct a fair with those kinds of restrictions. The answer is you can’t,” the board said in their statement. “The restrictions are in place and they will continue for the foreseeable future, especially in relation to large group gatherings.”

    In the end, the fair board concluded that by July 8, the situation regarding the pandemic and social restrictions in Minnesota likely will not have changed dramatically. “The board, in good conscience, cannot risk people getting sick, or worse because of attending the Polk County Fair,” the statement continued. “It is sad to think that might be the result, but that is the reality of the situation.”