Polk County Sheriff’s Office is receiving reports about Publishers Clearing House Scam in the area.  The Scam starts with a phone call or an email advising they won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  One reporter was told their prize would be delivered in 45 minutes and that they would have to be home for delivery.  If the complainant was at work, they were asked if they could leave and then were advised to go to their vehicle and honk the horn to prove they were in the vehicle.  After honking the horn, they were given instructions to write down the name and badge number of the person calling, package code number and UPS drivers names that were delivering the money prize.

Publishers Clearing House doesn’t email or call big winners.  All prizes of $500.00 or greater are awarded by either certified letter, express letter, or in person.  You never have to pay to receive a legitimate Publishers Clearing House win.

Do not give out confidential information when you enter and do your research before you respond.  Talk to a relative or friend or call the police if you feel it is too good to be true.