The in-progress child care center, Regal Academy, is exploring its options for alternate locations within city limits, the Times was told by Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority Executive Director Craig Hoiseth and local developer Jeff Evers. A hint at a location change was also noted in the City of Crookston’s April 24 weekly report when Crookston Fire Chief Tim Froeber announced that he and City Building Inspector Greg Hefta were exploring fire and building codes for a “possible new day care center in town.”

    Evers’ property in the former Marywood residence and Glenmore rehab facility east of Crookston was pinpointed as the initial location but there have been a “couple of concerns” for that site, noted Hoiseth.

    “First, it was not in the city limits and, second, there was a need for a septic system inspection which to my knowledge has been completed,” he explained. “They’re trying to make a financial model that will allow for operations ongoing as they did not want to get up and running only to not be able to cash flow.”

    “From what I am hearing, they are going to be coming to a conclusion in the very near future,” Hoiseth added.

    Hoiseth also told the Times that he has “welcomed” Regal Academy to come to CHEDA if they had “any needs whatsoever” or if they wanted to draw from grant funds provided by the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Otter Tail Power Company and Halstad Telephone Company.


    Evers told the Times he’s not involved with the child care center, but his last offer to them included free rent for the lower portion of the building if the center would cover utilities which might not have been conducive to their budget.

    “I know they have a great board trying to keep it moving along,” said Evers.

    Evers added that he is excited to think about other possibilities for the Marywood property, but his first priority is completing the Fournet Building downtown.

    “The day the Fournet is done my energy will move to developing the (Marywood) property,” he stated.

    Evers also said, as a side note, that during the state’s mandated closures of non-essential businesses, he has taken the time to do some flooring updates at a couple of his buildings rented by local salons and has worked on updating bathrooms and kitchens in residential properties.