I have observed lots of fitness companies focusing only on building muscle and "getting those gains." I follow a lot of fitness influencers on Instagram and I took note of what I was avoiding, the "How am I doing?" question. I constructed my own routine, which has been disrupted some by the Coronavirus outbreak. I consider workouts, meal planning, and checking in with myself mentally part of my fitness routine. After a few reminders, I acknowledged the importance of being "Mentally Fit."

    I need to be a lot better about taking a moment to myself. Usually I am on the go 24/7 between jobs and the gym, and never made time for myself. Instead of letting the logic part of my brain work, my emotions went buck-wild. This quarantine halted my crazy schedule and gave me time to heal. It is so important to check your emotions and set goals for the next week or so. They don't have to be huge goals, small efforts go the distance.

    So a "mental fit check" sounds odd or complicated, but it's not. It is different for everyone. We are all going through something whether it is COVID or stress induced. Human isolation is not a normal behavior. We are social butterflies, some require more attention than others. This stay at home executive order restricts us from activities we use to heal our souls. Active gym members aren't allowed to stay healthy and people who go to church lost the chance to worship with fellow believers. The power of faith is being tested, and Satan is taking full advantage. I urge you to not lose faith. God will show you ways to heal, he is always watching over. A little faith travels far, so imagine what an abundant amount of faith will attain.

    Lindsay Louters is the classified advertising manager at the Crookston Times. She is also a certified fitness trainer, and has bachelor’s degrees in animal acience and ag business from the University of Minnesota Crookston.