They've also rescheduled, not cancelled, Prom for Thursday, July 23.

Crookston High School Principal Eric Bubna sent a video message to senior students and their parents Wednesday announcing that Graduation is still planned for May 22 at the Crookston Sports Center with social distancing, plus Prom has been rescheduled to Thursday, July 23.

The Crookston School Board recently allowed Prom to be rescheduled, not cancelled, assuming that public health guidelines will allow for that event to happen and the district will make a final decision on holding the event on July 1.

With reference to Graduation, Bubna said the state's current guidelines expire May 4 and he's hopeful that new guidelines will be offered and allow them to host Graduation with social distancing.

"We're also expecting some guidance from the Department of Education in the next week or so," he added. "Our current 'Plan A' is still to have a ceremony on May 22 and do it at the arena, and have people socially distance assuming that is within guidelines."

Bubna said people have opinions on whether or not that is realistic, but that is the district's "Plan A."

"If we are not able to have that ceremony then we will move to a 'Plan B' and we would want to seek some input from parents and students as to what is an appropriate 'Plan B,'" he continued. "Right now what we're thinking for 'Plan B' is with Prom being rescheduled for July 23 we'd reschedule Graduation for the 25th of July so you're blocking off one weekend in the summer and have Prom and Graduation."

Bubna added if they moved the ceremony to the 25th of July they'd do something on the 22nd of July like a small event for just seniors or parade or something along those lines. If they move to 'Plan B', they'd reach out to students and parents for feedback.

"It's been a little different here obviously at the office and we've had some challenges, but I can't even imagine what you guys are going through as seniors not being able to finish off your senior year together," he finished. "You guys have been looking forward to this for years. Parents, uh, you know, receptions and all that kind of stuff is just totally different and I can't even imagine what it's like for you guys to be going through this. It's just a horrible way to be finishing off your high school career. We're going to try to do our best to honor you guys the best way we know how. Please reach out to us with any ideas and how we can be supportive during this time."