The individual has since self-quarantined after her husband, who works at LM Wind Power in Grand Forks, tested positive.

    In a letter sent April 21 to parents of students who attend Highland Elementary School for child care, Principal Chris Trostad states that they were notified by the Minnesota Department of Health of a “suspect” case of COVID-19 in a person who attended the school April 15. Trostad told the Times that the individual, an employee who commutes from Grand Forks, does not work directly with the main daycare and has contact with only one child at Highland while on shift and the child has had no interaction with the other children at the child care.

    The individual, who has since self-quarantined, told the MDH that her husband, who works at LM Wind Power in Grand Forks, had recently tested positive.

    “The employee had no symptoms and the child they worked with at Highland had no symptoms,” Trostad explained. “We are working closely with the MDH to monitor the situation.”

    “It’s really scary,” he added. “The minute one person gets it in the family they make the whole family quarantine, and testing is limited so they have to just assume they’ll all get it.”

    Trostad continued saying that Highland takes many safety precautions with regular health screenings, taking child care children’s temperatures daily at the door before they’re allowed into the building, social distancing as much as they can, and sanitizing areas of the school that are used on a regular basis sometimes even 4-5 times a day.

    “The custodians sanitize the place before the kids get here, in the library after it’s been used, at the end of the day, and then at the beginning of the next day, plus other times when people have used other areas in the building,” he explained.

    Also in the letter to parents, Trostad mentioned that he understands the news of the suspect case to “create a lot of unease in our school community” but reiterated they have taken action to clean and sanitize the center and have implemented several measures to continue to ensure the safety of their students and staff.

    He also offered his cell phone number to concerned parents and included contact information for the Minnesota Department of Health.