Specific date will be determined, likely later in the month.

Assuming the plans can be worked out and social distancing guidelines are less restrictive than they are now, the Crookston High School 2020 Prom, which would have normally taken place on Saturday, April 25, will take place this summer.

The Crookston School Board Monday evening unanimously approved a resolution rescheduling the prom for a date to be determined likely in late July. The resolution was not on the original agenda for Monday's meeting, but was an addition approved at the start of the meeting.

Board member Mike Theis, dad to a CHS senior, Gretchen Theis, said administrators including Superintendent Jeremy Olson and CHS Principal Eric Bubna met recently about the possibility of not canceling the prom but postponing it. The possibility of a July prom was greeted with "open arms," Theis said, adding that there was no "guarantee" prom will actually occur in late July, but that the resolution opens the door for planning the event.

School Board Chair Frank Fee said Bubna will be directed to form a committee to plan the July prom. Board member Adrianne Winger interjected that the junior class, which typically coordinates prom planning, should play an integral role in the planning.
"This is an opportunity for students and parents to help make this happen," Theis said. "Hopefully, some of the social distancing is relaxed by then. We want to give the students as full of an experience as possible."

Olson and Bubna each stressed some of their concerns. For one, Bubna said, a lot of social distancing rules are going to have to be relaxed a great deal compared to now if hundreds of people are going to be able to actually attend grand march. He also said Blast to Bede, the after-prom party, needs to be considered. Olson agreed, saying there's going to have to be a date established sooner rather than later regarding whether prom is going to happen or not, given the social distancing guidelines. Olson also noted that school discipline for student misbehavior is a bit different for a summer event than one held during the school year.

Bubna also wondered who would be willing or able to take the lead on planning a summer prom, saying Youth Services Coordinator Linda Morgan is typically heavily involved. To that, Winger said two board members are former prom coordinators and they'd be willing to help.

This past Saturday, a handful or so of CHS seniors in very small groups, with plans led by their parents, held individual prom-type events at their homes.