FCCU employees pick an organization to support each quarter.

First Community Credit Union (FCCU) is proud to announce they have raised $6,000 for Project Ignite Light, an organization supporting abused and foster children throughout the region. In addition to the funds, FCCU donated 147 fleece blankets and over 365 sets of pajamas to their “Bags of Hope”. This is the fifth year in a row that FCCU employees have chosen to support this cause and in the last five years, they have donated 723 blankets, 1,822 pairs of pajamas and raised $27,000.

Each quarter FCCU’s 250 employees choose an organization to support by raising money and awareness. Abused and foster children were the focus of the first quarter charity and Project Ignite Light was the organization chosen to support.

“Through this fundraiser, together we helped over 400 kids begin a new start,” said Susan Long Swen, event and community engagement specialist with FCCU. She continues, “Over five years, FCCU has been supporting Project Ignite Light and each year the support from our staff and community, is incredible. It’s sad to know organizations like this have to exist, but wonderful to know through our help, we can bring hope to so many kids.”

Project Ignite Light is a faith-based organization that provides children with important items needed when examined at local children's advocacy centers around the United States for sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect. They provide nearly 400 "Bags of Hope" each month to reported abused children in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Each bag is customized for the child's age and gender and includes a blanket, pajamas, undergarments, personal hygiene items, flashlight, book and a water bottle. 

The organization was founded in 2008 by Jamestown native Pebbles Thompson. They function out of the old Barnes County North School in Rogers, N.D. More information can be found at www.ignitelight.org.

During its 81-year history, First Community Credit Union has grown to be North Dakota’s largest Credit Union. As a credit union, FCCU is owned by its members. This is different than other financial institutions which are owned by a select group of stockholders. The Credit Union's profits are returned to the members in the form of better services, accounts, and favorable rates on savings and loans.