The Polk County Development Achievement Center (DAC) was a 2020 grant recipient from the United Way of Crookston and they have plans to freshen up their curriculum and help improve clients fine motor skills with a variety of activities.

    DAC Director Jo Bittner told the United Way: 

    “This year you are funding us for new curriculum for our clients.  We need to keep our programming fresh and interesting while attempting to stimulate, motivate and challenge the clients we serve with a variety of needs and varying level of skills.

    We have worked with UDAC out of Duluth and purchased some of their curriculum and we have developed some of our own.  One of our “activity boxes” if for grinding coffee beans and making coffee.  We teach skills such as:  turn taking, fine motor skills, the sense of smell, cause and effect, press the button and the grinder works.  We have created 50 “activity boxes” with a variety of curriculum covered, so far.  

    Another box is filled with different colored socks with a variety of patterns.  We dump out the box and ask the clients to match up the socks and fold them into one another.  We can create a competition by timing to see how long it takes them to match all 10 pairs of socks.  We have some meal planning and laundry activities.  

    United Way funded our curriculum request for 2020 and we are thankful!!”