No final decisions are ready to be presented yet though.

    Based on what was briefly mentioned at the most recent Crookston City Council meeting about the prospects for summer Parks & Recreation programming, or no programming, and talk of potentially expanding Club Kid, the Times reached out to the city to see if there were any decisions made yet on summer programming and if there would be any cancellations. Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner told the Times they are preparing for the possibility of not having any summer programs, but that is all dependent on what Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and President Donald Trump allow with social distancing guidelines when it comes to activities.

    Weasner said the city had previously prepared for having all programs this summer, but, based on future state-mandated executive orders, things could change “without any notice or forewarning.”

    “The peak has been predicted to be during the summer, possibly in June and if that is correct, that means the other side of the peak would still not allow for summer activities to occur,” she explained. “We have received communications from outside organizations that there should not be any team activities this year.”

    “We will continue to monitor and actively explore all possibilities going forward,” Weasner added.

    The city said they understand the complexities of these situations which is the reason why there have not been any definite decisions. They’re currently exploring alternatives and having active discussions.

    “Club Kid may not be possible because of those social distancing guidelines; however, if there is a way to have Club Kid it may be a good option for everyone,” Weasner continued.

    In regards to revenues and expenses, the city will be reviewing their options to see what possible impacts the pending reductions and cuts could have.