Only 11 apply, and consulting firm doesn't recommend bringing forth anyone for potential interviews.

The City of Crookston's search for a new city administrator is being put on hold for a few weeks, in the hope that the COVID-19 pandemic has eased some and interested, qualified candidates are more apt to seek the job.

The Crookston City Council's Ways and Means Committee made the decision to delay Monday evening, after Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner reported that, according to the consulting firm retained by the City, 11 candidates applied during the application window, which has closed. Weasner said the consulting firm, in reviewing the 11 applicants, recommended that none of them be considered for potential interviews.

Weasner reported that the consultant had hoped for more than 11 applicants. But it's likely that, with the pandemic, there aren't a lot of people looking to move from one job to another, she continued, especally when some of the relief being made available by those displaced from work due to the pandemic, such as the CARES Act, requires a person to have been employed in a position for at least 30 days.

The search for an administrator to succeed Shannon Stassen, who reached a separation agreement with the council in late 2019, will fire up again in late May or early June, Weasner said. That would mean interviews likely wouldn't commence until August. Asked if she's willing and able to stay on longer as interim administrator than she originally planned, Weasner, the City's finance director, said she is, but she stressed that she and staff will be heavily involved in 2021 budgeting in August, so it will be a strain.