Fall Clean-Up Week will be moved from late October to sometime in September.

There will be no Spring Clean-Up Week in Crookston this year. The Crookston City Council Ways and Means Committee Monday evening, given a choice of postponing it for a few weeks or months or canceling it altogether, chose the latter.

As of now Fall Clean-Up is still scheduled, although the council agreed to move it up a month or so on the calendar. Instead of the last full week of October, Fall Clean-Up Week would be held in September, a specific week to be determined.

The City of Crookston announced late last week that Spring Clean-Up Week, scheduled for the last full week of April, would not take place due to the pandemic and social distancing. Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner Monday evening gave the council the option of postponing or canceling, and they voted unanimously in favor of canceling it and having only one clean-up week in 2020.

Another factor that came into play is the fact that Polk County Environmental Services, which runs the Polk County Transfer Station in Crookston, due to social distancing and staff safety, asked Crookston residents to not use the statewide stay-at-home order to clean out their homes and properties and bring a bunch of junk to the transfer station.

Clean-up weeks are quite an event in Crookston, with people doing a lot of "boulevard browsing" and taking items for themselves before City crews come by to collect piles placed at curbsides. Given all of that activity involving people in close proximity and the fact that the COVID-19 virus can survive on various surfaces for at least 24 hours, Weasner recommended that Spring Clean-Up Week be canceled.