Levee patrols kicked in when Red Lake River reached 23-foot level

    After a rapid rise of the Red Lake River in Crookston Tuesday that spurred hydrologists with the National Weather Service to increase their crest projection for the river later this week by more than a foot, the river in Crookston on Wednesday appeared to possibly be cresting.

    The river Tuesday night topped 23 feet, with the NWS’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service hydrograph projecting a crest of 23.7 feet. But at press time Wednesday, the latest hydrograph readings showed that the river had possibly crested at a level around 23.25 feet.

    A 23-foot level is considered a “major flooding” event in Crookston, although the community’s certified levee system is designed to protect the vast majority of low-lying, vulnerable areas up to a crest of 30-feet. In perhaps Crookston’s most vulnerable area to high water, Riverside Drive, at 23 feet the river was filling essentially the entire backyards of a couple homes.

    The City of Crookston activates its Emergency Operations Center when the river reaches 20 feet. When it reached 23 feet Tuesday evening, Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner reported that additional duties kicked in, which include on-foot levee patrols.

    If you need to contact the EOC, call 281-4363. If you have an emergency, call 911.