It's projected to crest at 23 feet on Thursday.

Although Crookston's certified levee system protects the community from a Red Lake River crest of up to 30 feet, more than a foot and a half above the all-time record crest of 28.4 feet in 1997, it's always something to behold when the river rises during the spring thaw.

The Riverside Drive area is not protected by the levee system, so when the river gets to the point it's at early Tuesday evening, 22.29 feet and rising toward a projected April 9 crest of 23 feet, it's pretty close to a couple of houses.

Also early Tuesday evening, City of Crookston Water Department personnel were dealing with the gates at the end of South Front Street, which impact the storm sewers at the nearby Sixth Street underpass, which were filling with water.