It's projected to crest at 23 feet Thursday, April 9.

As expected, the Red Lake River in Crookston is on the rise again, with runoff from the melting snow that approached a foot in depth from last Thursday and Friday’s storm draining into rivers in the Red River Basin. As of this writing, it was at a depth of 20.38 feet in Crookston and on a rapid upward trajectory. The latest hydrograph produced by the National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service projects the Red Lake River in Crookston cresting at 23 feet Thursday afternoon, April 9, before beginning a slow decline on Friday.


NWS hydrologists consider a 23-foot depth of the river in Crookston to be a “major” flood event, but Crookston’s certified levee system is designed to protect vulnerable areas of the community to a depth of 30 feet.


The river this past weekend approached 22 feet before receding, and during that rise the City of Crookston activated its primary Emergency Operations Center. It was deactivated when the river began to drop below 20 feet, but Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner said Tuesday afternoon the EOC is open once again now that the rising river has again eclipsed the 20-foot mark.


City staff will be monitoring the river level 24 hours a day, Weasner said.


If there are concerns regarding high water in Crookston, people are asked to contact the EOC at 281-4363. If you have an emergency, call 911.