April 10 and 13 are not regular school days

    Friday, April 10 is Good Friday, with no school, and with Easter on Sunday, April 12 and no classes in Crookston Public Schools on Monday, April 13 as part of Easter weekend, the Crookston School District’s free meal service program during the statewide school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic will not take place April 10 and April 13.

    But food will be available to cover those days, and it will be distributed on Thursday, April 9, School District Food Services Director Anna Ogaard-Brekken says.

    “Because we understand the need some households may have for meals on Friday and Monday,” she explains, three cold lunches and three breakfasts per student will be given out on Thursday at Highland School, with the intention that they are consumed on April 9, April 10 and April 13.

    Ogaard-Brekken says people are asked to bring the meals home and refrigerate them immediately to ensure they are safe to be eaten at a later time. She also notes that some of the cold meals will contain peanut butter. “So if your student has a peanut allergy, please let Food Services know when you pick up or prior to delivery so we can offer a substitute,” Ogaard-Brekken adds.

    If you have questions, call 281-5600 and ask for Food Services between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on regular school days.