Sessions are conducted with groups of five or less due to social distancing

    Crookston Fire Department & Association have recently been conducting trainings for virus protection measures and hosting N-95 mask fittings for firefighters.

    The trainings, which are held in groups of five or less making attempts to maintain social distancing, Fire Captain Bob Magsam told the Times, have consisted of bloodborne and airborne pathogens protection review, CFD procedure changes with response guidelines during COVID-19, and personal protective equipment fitting for infectious response.

    Firefighter Garett Bengtson told the Times they were shown the proper way of “donning and doffing” their masks or PPE (personal protective equipment) during the fitting and wore a giant canvas and plastic hood to test out the security of the masks. Under the hood, a nonpoisonous gas was released and if the mask fit properly nothing would happen. If it was not secure, they would notice a bitter taste in the back of their throat.

    “Each firefighter will have a mask on themselves in any situation they deem necessary to use it,” said Bengtson. “It’s just another way to keep ourselves safe and to keep the public safe as well.”