Online movement to spread ‘messages of hope’ goes viral, as evidenced by numerous window displays throughout Crookston

    It started as an online effort to share love during the coronavirus pandemic and exploded into thousands of people leaving “messages of hope” in the windows of their homes. #aworldofhearts can be seen all over social media and many people and businesses in Crookston have jumped in to participate, some solely adding hearts in their windows, some adding messages of support, and some going all out with themed windows that represent sports, books, seasons, or other interests.

    The Times reached out to the community on Facebook requesting to see some of their windows and received an outpouring of comments and messages from people who wanted to share the love.

    Driving around Crookston, dozens of businesses have decorated their windows and even more resident neighborhoods have added one or more displays to their homes. Some call it their “2020 quarantine art project” and many have found it’s a project to involve their kids in while they’re at home doing distance learning.

    Residents at nursing homes such as the Villa St. Vincent even have family members and community members leaving messages on their windows or signs in the snow outside their rooms.