Parents and other guardians drove the students through the loop in front of the school.

With schools statewide closed until at least the end of April and a distance education curriculum poised to launch March 30 as part of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and staff at Highland School Friday afternoon hosted a "wave parade" in front of the school. Implementing recommended social distancing guidelines, more than 50 teachers and staff spaced themselves apart and waved and shouted greetings to their students, who were driven by slowly through the loop in the front of the school by their parents or other adult guardians.

Many of the teachers and staff made signs to hold up for their passing students. Many of the students did the same, holding the signs outside the rolled-down windows of their vehicles.

It appeared that some of the kids liked the wave parade so much they drove the loop more than once.

Thursday at Washington School, teachers and staff produced a Tik-Tok video in which they waved and offered greetings to their students.

You can see videos of both events on the Crookston Times Facebook page.