Almost 450 meals served over initiative’s first two days

    The Crookston Public Schools’ food service program held at Highland Elementary School has proven to be quite effective serving approximately 449 meals in its first two days. Children ages 0-18 are able to pick up breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. from Highland regardless of whether they go to Crookston Public Schools or not.

    Highland Principal Chris Trostad told the Times all participants need to do is call Highland School (281-5600) and they’ll transfer the information to the food service department to let them know then, when parents/kids show up at the door, they’ll have someone meet them and “grab a meal”, and bring it right out to the parents.

    “We’re just trying to keep anybody from the outside out of the building to eliminate any exposure to the staff or students,” Trostad explained. “It’s been working out pretty well with parents calling and as soon as they come to the door we have runners from the whole food service department from the high school, Washington (Elementary School), and Highland are all here so I think that’s been going pretty good.”

    “It’s just a matter of grabbing a meal and run out to the parents and I don’t think the wait time has been too long and that way we eliminate exposure to community members and parents coming up to pick up meals as well as the staff and the students,” he added.

    When asked what Trostad thought of the first day’s turn-out for the food service program, he said they had about a dozen people call in the week before it started to get signed up and then the first day there was a steady slow line outside.

    “We’ve got a really good staff with all three buildings for food service so they’re fully prepared and we have plenty of runners, so we try to get them a meal as quickly as we can,” he added.

    For people picking up meals for their children, you can park right in front of Highland and go to Door 5 to pick up the food.