Starting Monday, March 23, Crookston’s City Hall and police station will close its doors to the public, noted the city’s weekly report. Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner says they have been closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and they are doing “everything that is necessary” to keep their employees safe and still continue the business of government.

    City employees will still report to work Monday unless they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 to which they should stay home.

    “We have been doing our best to follow the social distancing guidelines for meetings that have been held at City Hall,” Weasner explained. “We have been having additional groups meeting also so they may still conduct business while practicing social distancing. With the additional usage there is additional cleaning and sanitizing also being completed.”

    Police Chief Paul Biermaier reported that he and Lieutenant Selzler have been working on a contingency plan as it relates to the COVID pandemic and their current situation in several areas.

    “Best case scenario, very little of this plan will be necessary,” Biermaier stated. “We have identified our areas of concern and how we will respond and move forward as best we can. Some of our non-critical services may be reduced or suspended depending on the options available at the time.”

    “We are now restricting access more than usual to the inside of our building to essential people only,” he added. “Without going into detail, our concerns and issues include the following areas: Staffing levels, critical operations, non-critical operations, safety and personal protective equipment, disinfecting and sanitizing, hiring and promotion processes.”

    The City Council is also set to approve a resolution for a “Declaration of Emergency” for the City of Crookston at their meeting Monday at City Hall.