United Way of Crookston met their fundraising goal for the season and Director Lori Wagner, and their board, are thanking all the donors. Agency allocations were finalized with the board Wednesday and checks could be available for those agencies early due to the many concerns over the spreading virus which has shut down schools, restaurants, events, and much more.

    The United Way’s “Jail and Bail” public event for 2020 at Hugo’s Family Marketplace has been cancelled, but the United Way is still accepting “bail money.” It can be mailed to: United Way of Crookston - P.O. Box 218 - Crookston, MN 56716. Donations can also be dropped off at the Crookston Hugo’s customer service counter or at the United Way office dropbox at Valley Technology Park.

    United Way’s fundraising season goes from October to October with the annual Soup & Chili Cookoff serving as the kickoff.

    Last season the United Way raised more than its 2018-19 goal, over $20,000 more, and stuck that money into the allocation fund which is being distributed now to the agencies that asked for money this year.


    United Way of Crookston gave a donation this week to the newly-formed New Hope Food Shelf that will mainly be used towards the food drop program, which began Wednesday, that offers food to anyone in the community Monday thru Friday via “drop sites” and will continue alongside the Crookston School District food service program for students once that starts Monday, March 23. The food drop sites have been condensed to the Crookston Public Library parking lot and Best Buy Liquors/IC Muggs parking lot and food is served for a half-hour at lunch (12 p.m.) and dinner (6 p.m.) Starting next week, March 23 and on, the food drop program will serve dinner at 6 p.m. and people needing food over the weekend can get a box from the food shelf.

    Anyone interested in donating or volunteering for the food shelf/food drop program should get a hold of New Hope’s Rachel Laferriere at 281-2644 or email rachelcarenshare@outlook.com.