Students should expect to start distance education on March 30 unless otherwise directed by Governor Walz.

Internet and Devices

As we prepare for the delivery of distance learning starting March 30th, I wanted to let you know that the following internet providers are providing free internet families that do not currently have internet of students during the time when schools are shutdown for distance education. Currently Arvig 1-888-992-7844, Garden Valley 1-800-448-8260, Halstad 1-218-456-2196 are providing a program to do this. We have been in contact with the two major providers in the city of Crookston, however, currently they have not announced a plan to do this. 

Thank you to the parents who have replied on the survey on device needs as this helps us understand the needs for devices to make this learning a reality. We will be communicating how we plan to issue devices for those families that do not have devices or do not have a device once we get all the survey results back. 

Child Care Update

In addition to the professions that we announced initially would qualify for childcare during the shutdown of school, the following would also qualify based on new guidance from the state: Gas and Electric Utility Workers, Food Distribution Personnel, and Water Treatment Staff. 

Food Service

During this shutdown we are going to be offering Breakfast and Lunch that is a grab and go option out of Highland School. If transportation is a problem we will also be offering delivery to your home. This service is completely free of charge. In addition to this the community is also offering a Food Drop Program. (New Hope Food Shelf)

Preparations during this Planning Period

Our staff started the planning phase today and is busy preparing and planning for distance education. This is new for us and we are trying to make sure that the distance education that we are providing is promoting learning and is meaningful. This is quite a challenge as meaningful instruction is very difficult to reproduce in distance setting. We are requiring daily interactions between students and teachers as per our mandates and are asking that you let your students know how important it is to connect with their teachers through the distance format. We want to make sure that your student continues to progress and grow academically. We will be announcing these plans at the conclusion of this planning period. 

Planning Period (No expectation for delivery of instruction): March 18-March 27

Instruction Period starting March 30th. We do expect to start distance education on March 30th unless otherwise directed by the Governor. 

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns: 218-770-8717