The New Hope Food Shelf will start a food drop program Wednesday, March 18 and will serve lunch and dinner daily for kids and families in need. They will be doing drops at 12 locations in all of Crookston’s six wards for a half-hour each day for each meal. Times will be from 12-12:30 p.m. and 6-6:30 p.m.

    Locations include:

    • Ward 1 - REM parking lot (South Minnesota Street/Central Avenue South) and Eugene Field Park (Woodland Avenue/North Minnesota Street)

    • Ward 2 - Schuster Park (Memorial Drive/Groveland Avenue) and Washington School parking lot (Birch Street)

    • Ward 3 - Highland Park Complex (Barrette Street/Summit Avenue) and North Acres Estates entrance (Charles Street)

    • Ward 4 - Wildwood Park (Myrtle Street/Hurlbut Street/Bertha Street) and Crookston Public Library parking lot (North Ash Street)

    • Ward 5 - Carman Park (3rd Avenue South/Erskine Street) and Old Museum Park (Washington Avenue/Jerome Street)

    • Ward 6 - Alexander Park (Alexander Street/4th Avenue NE) and Wesley United Methodist Church parking lot (Barrette Street/Eickhof Blvd)

    There will be gluten-free options available and allergy requests should be sent to Rachel Laferriere at, by calling Rachel at (218) 281-2644 or send a message on the New Hope Food Shelf Facebook page.

    Volunteers are needed to help pick up food and hand out food at the drop sites. Contact Rachel for more information or sign up directly on the New Hope Food Shelf Facebook page.

    Donations are also being accepted to help make sure enough families are fed. They will accept gift cards for Hugo’s and Walmart, bags and boxes for the food that will be delivered, gloves and masks for the volunteers, and people can donate and make food such as bars, cookies, sandwiches, casseroles, juice boxes, etc.