State officials say closure could be longer, but they're starting with 9 days.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announces Sunday that all K-12 schools in state will be closing until March 27. He's giving districts until March 18 to get things in order, and on that day they will be closed. It's an unfolding situation and we'll be following up with Crookston school officials. 

So, as of now, students would return to classes on Monday, March 30. But state officials Sunday said that the 9-day closure is precautionary, and that the closure could be longer.

School districts are to spend the next couple of days before the closure preparing distance learning plans and plans to feed kids who might go without proper nutrition if they don't have access to school meals.

Walz administration officials say districts are ordered to continue paying hourly workers through the closure.

Stay tuned...much more to come.