At the most recent Crookston City Council Ways & Means Committee meeting, the group approved a revolving loan grant for the Crookston Eagles Club and new showers for the community pool, Mayor Dale Stainbrook provided new appointments for the council for various committees and boards, and Stainbrook requested a joint meeting with the council and board of directors from Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority.


    The Crookston Eagles Club 873 has been busy remodeling the interior of their building including the banquet room, which recently had an update for their stage and feature wall, and they’re planning to add new windows, siding pillars and shakes, which is what they approached the city about with their Small Cities grant application.

    Ward 3 City Council Member Clayton Briggs said he’s seen a lot of traffic on Facebook about the Eagles’ remodel and added that it was “quite an improvement” and “quite the place.” Ward 1 City Council Member Jake Fee, who is also a Eagles member and the club’s secretary, told the committee they have more work to do and they’re hoping to make downtown “look a little nicer” with the remodel.

    Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner added that the VFW Post 1902 is also working towards a revolving loan grant for remodeling, but they haven’t submitted their application yet.


    Weasner said the city has been talking about money for the pool and showers, and they’ve received quotes and will be reducing the number of showers but sticking to the range they had previously discussed. She explained that the showers will be moved to the wall instead of the middle and Parks & Recreation Director Scott Riopelle added that they will make sure they have proper drainage with the change.

    There are currently 16 showers at the Crookston Community Pool and they will go down to 10 with the remodel, plus they will be ADA compliant.

    At-Large City Council Member Tom Vedbraaten asked about water softeners for the new showers with Ward 5’s Joe Kresl adding that a softener could prolong the life of the new showers as the old shower heads were deteriorating due to hard water. Riopelle said he would check into softeners, but that the approval of the showers was the first step.

    At-Large City Council Member Bobby Baird asked if the pool will have to be shut down when the new showers are installed, but Riopelle said they should be able to do the installs in pieces so as not disturb the schedule.


    Mayor Stainbrook moved some of the City Council members around with his appointment list of the various boards and committees in the community and the new appointments went as follows: CHEDA: Vedbraaten and Erickson, Charter Commission: Stainbrook and Baird, Convention & Visitor’s Bureau: Klatt and Fee (after some discussion of lessening to one council member was not well received), Development & Policy Review: Vedbraaten and Fee, Downtown Crookston Development Partnership: Briggs, Planning Commission: Kresl, Planning and Zoning: Baird, Airport Commission: Erickson, Chamber: Cavalier, Park Board: Cavalier.


    Mayor Stainbrook said he was going to bring the matter up during the Strategic Planning Session scheduled for Saturday, March 14, but he wanted to have a joint City Council and CHEDA meeting in late March to discuss some “issues” that might still be going on since former City Administrator Shannon Stassen resigned. The committee ultimately decided on March 30 at City Hall in the council chambers.