Times reaches out to local health care providers to see what they’re doing now, what their plans are.

    Reached by the Times, RiverView Health’s leadership says the Crookston health care provider is actively preparing for the potential need to care for individuals with COVID-19 in our community in collabo-
ration with the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Hospital Association, Northwest Health Services Coalition, and Polk County Public Health, in addition to other regional and community partners.

    “We currently have visitor restrictions in place related to influenza and other respiratory illnesses being widespread in our area. Specifically for COVID-19, we are currently screening patients on the phone and on arrival for travel to geographic areas identified by the CDC as well as contact with a confirmed case if they are symptomatic,” RiverView stated in response to the Times’ inquiry.

    “This screening will continue to be modified as the outbreak situation evolves. We have plans in place for implementing care practices following guidance from CDC with the main goal to prevent the spread of infection to both patients and staff. We are prepared and will continue to enhance our preparedness as the needs evolve.”