Her kids told investigators that their mother hit them with power cords, wooden spoons, and other objects

    An East Grand Forks woman has been formally charged with five felony counts of malicious punishment of a child after an investigation showed credibility to physical abuse reports by her children. Nimo Mohamed Khalif, 33, faces 25 years in prison, $50,000 in fines or both if convicted of all charges.

    According to court documents, on January 16, 2020, an East Grand Forks Corporal received a report of physical abuse from a school official at Central Middle School in East Grand Forks. The student, Jane Doe 1, reported that she was victim of physical abuse by her mother, Khalif, who the victim says threw a pot at her and hit her in the nose during a fight. Doe 1 said that her mother was angry that she was wearing pants and not wearing her hijab properly. Doe 1 added that her mother assaulted all her children many times and that she did not want to go home, and wanted her mother gone. The Corporal was able to determine that the defendant and her six minor children live in East Grand Forks and moved there in June 2019.

    In the complaint, a school teacher also reported that she received text messages from Doe 1 stating that she was being physically abused by her mother.

    On January 22, 2020, Doe 1 told school officials that the Corporal should speak with her sister, Jane Doe 2. Doe 2 told the Corporal that Khalif is abusive to the children and threatened to send the children to jail and “beat their ass.” Doe 2 told the Corporal about Doe 1’s fight with their mother and added that Khalif beat Doe 1 with a wooden spoon, and that Khalif uses the wooden spoon on all the children. Doe 2 also said that Khalif throws things at the children like bottles and cups, and said that Khalif said that she was “not going to jail for nothing” and she would “kill the children first.” Doe 2 told the Corporal she does not feel safe at home and that several years ago, when they were in Africa, Khalif held a knife to Doe 2’s throat causing a scar on her neck, said the complaint.

    The same day, the Corporal also spoke with Jane Doe 4, who is the sister of Doe 1 and Doe 2, and Doe 4 told the Corporal that Khalif “yells a lot” and two weeks prior Khalif had hit her with a power cord on purpose. Doe 4 said Khalif hits her all the time and, last summer, hit her with a wooden kitchen utensil and has hit her on the head with a metal spoon. Doe 4 added that during the prior week’s incident with Doe 1 that Khalif had threatened Doe 1 with a knife and threatened to cut her. She told the Corporal that she did not feel safe at home and that Khalif pushes her 10-month-old brother down when he cries.

    According to the complaint, as part of the child protection investigation, the five oldest children were forensically interviewed at the Red River Child Advocacy Center in Fargo, North Dakota. The youngest child, John Doe 2, is only ten months old and was not forensically interviewed. All six children were medically examined by a Certified Nurse Practioner as a standard procedure for a child who is entering placement through social services. Currently there is an active child protection (CHIPS) case in Polk County District Court.

    On February 3, 2020, Jane Doe 3 was interviewed at the Red River Child Advocacy Center and Doe 3 said the family moved to East Grand Forks at the start of June 2019 and that Khalif has hit her and her siblings with wooden spoons, plates, phone chargers, and her hands. Doe 3 said that Khalif put her hands around two of her sisters’ throats and has thrown plates at the children, and sometimes the plates hit the children and sometimes they missed. Doe 3 mentioned that the last time she was hit with a wooden spoon that she was hit on her hand and on her leg adding that her hand turned red and her leg was bruised. Doe 3 said Khalif hits all the kids with a phone charger except the baby, though Khalif has slapped the baby across the face. Doe 3 added that she saw Khalif strangle Doe 2 in June 2019.

    On February 6, 2020, John Doe 1 reported that Khalif hits them when she is mad and that he was hit with a plug rope and a plastic hanger. John Doe 1 said he cries when he gets hit with the plug rope and that he was hit with the plastic hanger because he forgot to wear his sweater. John Doe 1 said the last time he was with Khalif that she hit him and threw plates at him, and called him stupid. He added that Khalif had burned his baby teeth and hit him in the private area and would hit him harder if he tried to stop her. John Doe 1 said Khalif would hit his younger brother when he does not eat and it makes the baby cry.

    The same day, Jane Doe 2 was interviewed and reported that she believes she will “go to hell” if she talks about Khalif, and added that she wants to follow the basics of her religion. Jane Doe 2 said she gets “whooped” and everyone gets “whooped”, but the baby doesn’t get hit because he is a baby. She described the last time she got “whooped” was four or five months ago with a wooden spoon and added that Khalif uses a charger plug to hit the children, and that it feels like a needle when she gets hit with the charger plug. Jane Doe 2 added that Khalif threw flip-flops at John Doe 1.

    On January 31, 2020, school officials reported to Polk County Social Services that Jane Doe 3 disclosed physical abuse in her home after saying that Khalif hit the children with the wooden spoon, used an iPhone charger and threw things, and, after the police officer was told about the abuse, Khalif allegedly threw a jar of peanut butter at her sister, and also threw plates. Jane Doe 3 said if the children did not recite the Quran correctly that Khalif would hit them with a wooden spoon. She added that Khalif tried to choke Jane Doe 2, that Khalif allegedly told Jane Doe 1 to hold down Jane Doe 2, and that Khalif choked Jane Doe 1 in the stairs. Jane Doe 3 said she tried to get help from the neighbors, but nobody would answer their door. Jane Doe 3 also said Khalif would hit her baby brother when he would not eat his food or drink his milk properly, and that Khalif would leave bruises on all the children. Jane Doe 3 said she has a scar from being hit with a broken broom handle, said the complaint.

    On February 4, 2020, Jane Doe 1 was examined by a CNP at Sanford Children’s Care and multiple burn scars were discovered on her body. Two scars were also found on her elbow that came from being hit with a broken broomstick. On February 3, 2020, Jane Doe 3 was examined and various scars were found on her body including a scar on her arm which came from being hit with a broken broomstick. On February 7, 2020, Jane Doe 4 was examined and various scars were found on her body including scars caused by being hit with a phone charger. The same day, John Doe 1 was examined and John Doe 1 reported that he was hit with a rope/cord, was kicked by Khalif “very hard” in the private area, that he saw Khalif hit his younger brother with her hand and that Khalif burned his gums. John Doe 1 said he was afraid that Khalif would kill him.