CHS ensemble gets the highest scores of all at Large Group Contest

    On Friday, February 28, the Crookston Concert Band, comprised of freshmen through seniors participated, in the “Large Group Contest,” which took place at the Crookston High School auditorium.

    In an email, band instructor Matt Torgerson explains:

    “Large Group Contest is an opportunity for high school bands to perform for a panel of three judges for scoring and comments for improvement. The bands do not compete against each other but rather compete against themselves, striving for the highest score they can achieve.”

    Each judge gives a score out of 40. A 35-40 is considered a Superior Rating (Double Star) and is the highest rating a band can receive, Torgerson explained. A band needs to receive a Superior Rating from two of the three judges to get an overall Superior.

    The Crookston Concert Band received Superior Ratings from all three judges, earning a 36, 38, and 38, he said.

    “These were the highest scores of any of the ensembles that performed that day. These are also the highest scores that I have ever received as a band director,” Torgerson said. “This was not too much of a surprise because these are some of the hardest working students I have ever worked with.”

    Torgerson said he built difficult music into the Large Group Contest program.

    “The music that I programmed was not easy. However, the students did not whine or complain about the difficulty. Instead they rose to the challenge and it paid off,” he said. “I am so proud of the work that all of the students put into this music. Students taking part in music and the arts is so important and is not only about the finished product. The entire process helps students to build imagination and intellectual curiosity, learn teamwork, help develop language and reasoning, and so much more.

    “I believe that these students are better for being a part of Crookston music and I believe that I am better for getting to work with these students,” Torgerson continued. “Congratulations Crookston Concert Band!”