Reorganized board and several new committees also announced.

Newly elected Golden Link Board of Director President Rand Hughes announces the hiring of Corrina Doyea as the new manager of the Golden Link. 

In addition to Corrina, three new Board members have been elected and four new committees have been created. The three new board members are Henry Koza, Elaine Metzger and Gary Willhite. 

The four new committees are Grant Writing (chair, Henry Koza), Liaison (chair, Gary Willhite), Trips (chair, Gaye Wick), and Decorating (chair, Elaine Metzger). 

“Supporting our many seniors in the community is our goal,” Hughes said. “Our commitment to support and create a friendly environment for socializing is an important step in the continuing quality of life, especially for seniors. We encourage self-worth for our senior citizens that most likely played an important part in building our community.” 

Hughes continued, saying that coordinating four “important positions” for the financial business end of the Golden Link are now in place and they include Liaison (Willhite), Grant Writing (Koza), Secretary (Shirley Nielsen), and Financial Chair (Kathy Goodyke). 

There are 12 board members and near 20 committees currently, Hughes noted. 

Although you need to be 55 years old to be a member and must be a member to take the Golden Link’s numerous offered trips – this year, the big trip is to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico – anyone can enjoy a noon meal at the Link for $6. Also, Hughes said, think about the Golden Link as a place for your club or committee meetings. 

“The coffee is always on and we make great cookies,” he said.