She’s been hashtagged ‘Buffy the Bad Guy Slayer’

    The Polk County Board of Commissioners were so excited to meet Buffy the K9 and it showed as they practically waited by the door for her arrival Tuesday. Buffy energetically entered the board room with a tennis ball in her mouth and what seemed to be a smile on her face alongside Polk County Deputy and handler Kyle Olson, Sheriff Jim Tadman and Deputy Mike Lundeen.

    Deputy Lundeen noted that was her second tennis ball of the morning as she must love to chew on them.

    Buffy the “Bad Guy Slayer”, which was a recent hashtag on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office/Emergency Management Facebook page, a play on the movie/TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, is a three-year-old Belgian Malinois Shepherd mix. Both Buffy and the K9 handler training were donated by Mark McDonough of McDonough K9 in Anoka, Minnesota, and Deputy Olson will soon have 12 weeks of training with Buffy near the Twin Cities.

    Deputy Olson went to college in the Twin Cities, started in Robbinsdale as a community service officer, then went to Williston, North Dakota as a sheriff’s deputy for two years before he said his wife wanted to go back to Minnesota. His hometown is Brooklyn Park and being a canine officer is something he says he’s always wanted to do.

    “She’s (Buffy) pretty protective of my three-year-old and one reason why we got her is because of her nice disposition, and she’s good around people,” Olson explained.

    He added that he and his family have housed Buffy for about two-and-a-half to three weeks now, and she will continue to live with him after training.

    “The first couple of days we had her she went through six tennis balls,” Olson noted, as Buffy excitedly chewed the one in her mouth on the county board room floor.

    When asked about the extent of Buffy’s training, Sheriff Tadman said Buffy’s obedience and apprehension are pretty impressive already, and she’ll be trained to find drugs and for tracking. Buffy started training when she was young, Tadman added, and a company in Czechoslovakia with trainers posted what they had available for dogs, and that’s how Buffy was chosen.