2019-2020 Region 1 FFA  Advisor and Fertile-Beltrami Agriculture Education Teacher, Whitney Rupprecht, recently told the Times that their FFA Chapter has “literally been rocking it this year” and wanted to share some of their accomplishments.

    Rupprecht was also named the 2020 Region 1 Outstanding Young Teacher for her efforts.

    Here’s what Rupprecht says the F-B FFA has been up to:

MN State Officer: Britton Fuglseth

    In 20 years, Region I has not had a Minnesota State Officer. Last year, I assisted Britton in preparing for over 10 rounds of interviews in 3 days. A lot went into this and the outcome is outstanding. Britton is currently serving as the 2019-2020 Minnesota State Reporter and encouraged so many people.

1st Place Swine Production Proficiency - Emma Erickson

    Emma and I worked side-by-side in writing her proficiency. Her application is 23 pages and has multiple, in-depth questions. Emma and I worked over all of her SAE information, cash flows, and which national standards she has met along with rationals.  
1st Place Sheep Production Proficiency - Catie Erickson

    Catie & I have met several times, gone through numbers, and answered questions.
2019-2020 Region I Officers - Caidyn Johnson & Emma Erickson

    These members are responsible for the Region I FFA Events as well as leadership conferences. This summer, they attended several leadership development conferences and learned how to facilitate workshops. They have given presentations, speeches, and presented to at least 4 schools in Region I.

2020-2021 Region I Officers Elected: Caidyn Johnson & Catie Erickson

    Both of these members applied, interviewed (with over 22 interviewers)  and were slated into office for this coming year. They do not know their positions as it will be announced at the Region I Banquet of April 6th.
2019-2020 Region I Advisor

    Currently, I am serving as the Region I Advisor. I plan and host all Region I Leadership Development events as well as workshops and preparing the officers. I traveled to all schools over the summer and fall months to meet with each Ag Ed Instructor. Additionally, I have spoken at several workshops to discuss diversity and student engagement.

2020 Region I Outstanding Young Teacher

    This year I was nominated and received the Region I Outstanding Young Teacher Award.

State Degree Recipients: Tommy Miller, Josh Benson, Keelie Makin, Jasper Olson, Damian Gudvangen, Emery Erickson

    These members filled out an application and completed an interview, received the Chapter FFA Degree, been an active member for at least 2 years, earned and productively invested at least $2000 hours, demonstrate leadership skills and abilities, have satisfactory scholastic record, participated in 10 different FFA activities beyond the chapter level, and have a minimum of 25 community service hours.  

State Star of MN in AgriScience: Keelie Makin

    After filling out an in-depth application and interview, Keelie was recognized as a MN State Star in AgriScience for her science projects involving therapy dogs and reading comprehension in 3rd grade.

1st Place Parliamentary Procedure Team: Caidyn Johnson, Rylee Hanson, Emma Erickson, Jackie Lunak, Catie Erickson, Adriana Waterman

    These members had 12 minutes to recite the FFA opening ceremonies, complete 10 parliamentary procedure motions, have a minimum of 4 discussions that had an opening, 3 main points, and closing statements, and have emotion and speaking abilities. These members also had to take a written test and answer oral questions after their presentation in front of an audience.

1st Place Extemporaneous Speaking: Caidyn Johnson

    Members come into the room and draw 3 topics out of a hat. They then have 30 minutes to prepare for a 5-7 minute speech. Following the speech are 5 minutes of oral questions.
1st Place Wildlife Team: Logan Ekstein, Jasper Olson, Riley Moland, Mack Hitchen, Stella Nolte

    • 1st Place - Logan

    • 4th Place - Jasper

    • 8th Place - Riley

    Members complete identification, test, and team activity related to MN Wildlife.

1st Place Conduct of Chapter Meetings Team: Ava Grunhovd, Riley Moland, Sidney Erickson, Tori Erickson, Maggie Brandner, Lainey Makin

    Members present opening & closing ceremonies, 5 parliamentary procedure motions, and oral questions. They also complete a test about parliamentary procedure.

1st Place Ag Sales Team: Caidyn Johnson, Alea Beauchane, Rylee Hanson, Adriana Waterman

    • 1st place - Caidyn

    • 2nd place - Rylee Hanson

    • 3rd place - Alea Beauchane

    • 8th place - Adriana Waterman

    Members prepare for a team sales activity, individual sales, and complete a test about sales and the sales process.
1st Place Public Speaking: Stormi Brault, 3rd Catie Ericson

    Members write a 6-8 minute speech, present it, and have 5 minutes of oral questions.

1st Place Horse Judging: Kaylee Hitchen, Ava Grunhovd, JoJo Dunbar

    • 1st place - Kaylee

    • 2nd place - JoJo

    • 8th place - Ava

    Members judge 4 classes of horses, complete a hippology exam, and give a set of oral reasons (without notes).
2nd Place General Livestock Team: Catie Erickson, Emma Erickson, Wesley Ramberg, Tori Erickson, Sidney Erickson

    • 4th place - Catie Erickson

    • 6th place - Emma Erickson

    • 8th place - Wesley Ramberg

    Members judge 2 classes of beef, sheep, swine, and goats. They also complete a keep/cull class and a team activity. The last part of the contest is oral reasons (without notes).
1st Place Sentinel at Officer Demonstrations

    Rylee Hanson blew the officer demonstration judges away and was awarded the Sentinel of the Day for her leadership and speaking ability.

    • 4th Place State Trap Shoot

    • 1st Place Individual State Trap Shoot: Jasper Olson

    • 5th Place Nursery/Landscape: Alea Beauchane, Juliette Kuzemin, Saddie Fladhammer

    • 5th Place Office Demonstration
Employment Skills

    • 10th Place - Tommy Miller

    • 12th Place - Chase Sirjord

    • 6th Place Forestry: Alea Beauchane, Riley Moland, Carson Benesh, Logan Ekstein, Saddie Fladhammer

    • 6th Place Soils: Liv Forgit, Stella Nolte, Jacelyn Pinske, Catie Erickson, Jackie Lunak, Snow Vorat

    • Numerous FFA meetings were held in the evening as were practices.

    • FFA Barn Dance help along with the FB FFA Alumni


    These are open to anyone in MN, ND, and SD. Over 1000 students attended, not just FFA members.

    • 1st Place Wildlife Team

    • Scholarship earner 1st Place Wildlife Individual: Logan Ekstein

    • 3rd Place Farm Business Management Team

    • 2nd Place Ag Sales

    • Scholarship earner 3rd Place Ag Sales Individual: Caidyn Johnson
Conferences that students attended in 2019:

    • State Greenhand Leadership Conference (SGLC): 3 total members

    • State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders: 8 total members

    • Regional Leadership Conference: 12 members

    • Region I Fall Rally: 42 members

    • Winter Regional Leadership Conference: 17 members

    • POWER I: 2 members (Only Regional Officers)

    • ROLO:  2 members (Only Regional Officers)
Conferences that are upcoming that students will be attending in 2020:

    • Ag Policy Experience (APEX): Caidyn Johnson was one of a select few across MN that was accepted.

    • FFA Day at the Capitol: March 2nd

    • Washington Leadership Conference (WLC): Caidyn Johnson applied and was given a $550 scholarship from the MN FFA Foundation to attend. He will be traveling to D.C. and learning about policies, community service, and leadership.

    • State Greenhand Leadership Conference: Numerous members have shown interest. Scholarship applications will be open soon.

    • State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders: Many students want to attend and will be applying when MN FFA opens up the application.

Upcoming FFA Events:

    • Dairy Handler

    • Dairy Cattle Evaluations

    • Small Animals

    • Farm Busness Management

    • Meats Evaluation

    • Talent

    • Discussion

    • State Convention

    • Region I Banquet