He's a rural Crookston farmer.

Rural Crookston farmer Tim Dufault testified before Congress this week on the combined impact China, trade and tariffs have had/are having on growers, and he tells the Times that his message to members of the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee was clear: “We want trade not aid.”


Dufault’s message references the trade war that resulted from tariffs on China put in place by President Donald Trump’s administration that resulted in a trade war, and the federal government as a result allocating around $25 billion in aid to farmers across the country in the form of Market Facilitation Program (MFP) payments.


The hearing lasted approximately four hours, Dufault tells the Times. Those and the five others like him that provided oral testimony were limited to five minutes, but he said his remarks went a little long. Those testifying are required to submit their remarks in writing beforehand. Then each member of the committee had an opportunity to ask questions of the witnesses providing testimony.


Dufault said for the most part everyone from the witnesses to the congresspeople stuck to the topic of China and trade. “Some members used the time to get political, but for the most part they were trying ideas on how to move trade with China forward,” he noted.


Dufault is also a member of the Crookston School Board.