I have grown up with dogs ever since I was little and they will always be my favorite animal. On some days, I prefer them over humans. They can sense when something is wrong and try comforting you.

    I competed in obedience, showmanship, and agility dog shows in my 4H years. Pearl was my championship dog and best friend. She was a Dalmatian and had three beautiful litters. Each puppy had their own set of spots. It was fun watching them all grow up and go to their forever homes.

    In our family household, it is always tradition to watch the Thanksgiving Day and Westminster Dog Shows. We hoot and holler at our favorite breeds and hope they get the Best in Show award. The Westminster show is in New York and was on February 10. Before the televised portion, dogs are judged by breed to determine who follows the established breed characteristics best. The best dog moves onto the group where they compete against the top of each breed. The best of each group competes to receive the Best in Show award.

    This year the Standard Poodle won the award. Poodles are now going to be the center of social media and in high demand.

    I have learned about previous winning breeds, like Old English Bulldogs and Doberman. The Doberman's original purpose was to be a high strung guard dog. After winning the Westminster, Dobermans were the hot commodity. That resulted in overbreeding and even some in-breeding. The genetic pool became smaller and along the road caused changes in behavior. Every Doberman I have encountered in the last 10 or so years, is the most timid dog. Winning the Westminster changed the Doberman and many other breeds. The Old English Bulldog is another victim, but that is another whole story.


    Lindsay Catherine Louters “LCAT” is the classified advertising manager and receptionist at the Crookston Times. She is a certified personal trainer at the Crookston Anytime Fitness.