The SUMMIT Senior Apartments with Assisted Living Services treasures the life experiences of our tenants.  

    Jackie Stout has enjoyed being a lifelong citizen of the Crookston Community.  

    “I grew up on a farm about 2 miles from here and it seems winters were colder than they are now.  I remember seeing -55 degrees on the thermometer and then we would go out and milk about 50 head of cows with surge milkers. That was sure a change from milking by hand.  We had all black and white Holsteins and one red and white one.  She really stood out in the herd.  We had horses too, chickens and even a few ducks and geese.”

    Stout speaks with a misty twinkle in his eye and he reminisces about the love in his household and how much he misses his parents.  

    “Mom came from Norway in 1904 at the age of 4 and ended up in Bemidji.  She knew a few big movie stars from the area including Jane Russel.  She spoke in broken Norwegian and we minded her. Dad was gentle with big hands.”

    Stout worked as Manager of Jiffy Fry and then after it sold, went to American Crystal Sugar.  He had a Plumbing and Boiler Licenses and says he was thankful for his work.  

    “Now I keep busy here.  I have always appreciated the Sisters, they treated me like a brother growing up, always very kind to me.  It is good here.  I had open heart surgery at the age of 32 and 54 but I feel great now.  And my son Terry is married to a wonderful woman who works here, Janna so it is fun to visit with her too.”

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