Minnesota Senate Republicans this week announced a proposal to return Minnesota’s budget surplus back to the taxpayers, and District 1 State Sen. Mark Johnson (R-East Grand Forks) supports the proposal.

    This is the marquee piece of Senate Republicans' Vision 2020 Agenda, which was unveiled in January, according to information released by Johnson’s office.

    The “Get Your Billion Back” tax plan is a series of tax cuts worth more than $1 billion. The Senate Republicans’ plan also seeks to reduce the bottom income tax rate, eliminating taxes on Social Security income, expanding the K-12 income tax credit, fully conform with 179 federal regulations and more.

    “The surplus clearly signifies the government has its hands deep in your pockets,” Johnson said. “The more money the government takes, the more it seems to need. Before bureaucrats can figure out how to increase spending by another billion dollars, let's get it back to the families, farmers, and businesses who need it for their own priorities. It’s past time that we stop wasting money on ballooning government and criminally wasteful agencies like the Department of Human Services.”