The Crookston Civic Music League’s next show features Double Double Duo on Tuesday, March 3 in the Crookston High School auditorium at 7 p.m.

    Double Double Duo is an exciting musical team whose performance will surprise and energize all who attend.  Featuring virtuoso musicians Kornel Wolak (clarinet/piano) and Michael Bridge (accordions/piano), this unique and eclectic team has been playing together since 2011. They have built a program that is rooted in their classical training and interests, but is ranging and extremely entertaining and approachable for all musical tastes  By using comedy, virtuosity, and sensitivity, they bring their broad repertoire to life.

    Actively touring Poland, France, Ecuador, Canada, and the United States, Double Double Duo performs their arrangements of classical show pieces, sensitive jazz ballades, and fiery folk music from around the world. Some of the program highlights include Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms, Summer from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, and the Baroque Suite by Handel.  By adding popular works such as Bach To Rock, Boogie Wonders, and a mash-up of Polka Grandpa and Rhapsody in
Blue, Double Double Duo expands the entertainment aspects. Then there are the comedic aspects that are always part of each piece.

    Kornel and Michael are consummate entertainers who love to engage heavily with audience members and they are always having fun on stage. Double Double Duo will surprise and entertain beyond all expectations.

    For ticket information contact Elaine Metzger at 281-2681 or Alvern Wentzel at 281-7873.    Admission is by season ticket only. Season tickets can be purchased at the door before the concert Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

    For transportation call THE BUS at 281-0700.