In just a few days, on February 25th, Minnesotans will gather across the state in town halls and high schools to attend our caucuses and participate in our democracy at the grassroots level. Not only are our caucuses the first major step on the path to defeating Donald Trump and defending the tremendous progress our party made in 2018, they also give DFLers a powerful voice in shaping the future of our party.

Here are just a few reasons why caucuses remain such a crucial part of the Minnesota DFL, and why you should plan on attending in just a few short days:

I'm extremely proud that, here at the DFL, our endorsements are made at the grassroots level. They are not about big money or special interests. Instead, DFL activists across the state decide who our party supports, and that process begins at our precinct caucuses. Caucus attendees can run to be delegates to future DFL conventions, where endorsements for the House and Senate, both at the state and federal level, will be discussed, debated, and voted on. If you want to be part of those debates and help influence who the DFL supports, be sure to show up and caucus on February 25th.

DFLers who caucus will also get connected to their local organizing unit and learn how to help elect leaders that share our values of health care for all, strong public schools, and an economy that works for every Minnesotan. Our precinct caucuses are truly the kickoff to campaign season here in Minnesota, and we need every DFLer to show up and help restore sanity and decency to the White House.

Our caucuses also offer DFLers the opportunity to meet like-minded neighbors, make new friends, and build stronger connections to our communities. Caucuses happen at the local level, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be caucusing with folks who live on your block and in your neighborhood. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet state and local elected officials and candidates, as many leaders within the DFL party attend their local caucus.

Another powerful way caucus attendees can directly impact the future of the DFL is by shaping the DFL platform - the document which lays out the guiding values of our party. If you’re passionate about an issue, be it climate change, gun safety, or access to affordable insulin, bring that passion to your precinct caucus in the form of a resolution. At your caucus, you’ll be able to debate and vote on your resolution and those of your fellow DFLers and community members. If they make it through to our state convention and pass there, they’ll become an official part of the platform of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Platform.

If what’s happening in the White House is making you nauseous, our precinct caucuses are the antidote. Caucuses offer us the opportunity to choose community over division and take action locally instead of despairing at the actions of our president. On February 25th at 7:00 PM, I’d like to invite you to join me and thousands of your fellow Minnesotans in doubling down on our democracy by attending your precinct caucus.

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