Author Eric Bergeson has published his second gardening book, “Let’s Grow on the Northern Prairie.”

    The book follows his “Successful Gardening on the Northern Prairie,” which has sold more than 15,000 copies since it was first published in 2017 and is currently in its third printing.

    “Pictures say a thousand words, and I have always wanted to publish a book which shows in vivid color what we can accomplish planting trees, flowers and fruit on the northern prairie.”

    The book contains more than 190 color pictures, as well as dozens of essays on trees, flowers and fruits that thrive in our harsh climate and alkaline soils.

    “I wanted to go into greater depth on some of the issues we face, such as the imminent loss of our ash trees,” Bergeson added. “I weigh in on what trees we should turn to now, which an emphasis on hardiness and longevity.”

    Bergeson also highlights plants that work well here, but aren’t emphasized by most catalogs and gardening books from outside our area.

    Last sumer, Bergeson toured more than 100 towns in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, speaking on northern prairie gardening.

    “The trip gave me insights into what is working, what isn’t, and what plants we need to use more often,” he noted. “Our region is unique, and our needs are not covered by the national gardening media.”

    “Let’s Grow on the Northern Prairie” is available at and also at Crookston Floral.